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COVID-19 Aspects
Relevance of COVID-19 to IT Systems
Limiting or delaying the spread of COVID-19 essentially involves keeping the infected and the potential victims dispersed.

Organisations will probably operate with the safe minimum set of on-site workers, and the rest dispersed.
Advantages of Using IOPEN-produced Systems
Our systems can handle both local and dispersed workers and processes.

As far as possible, remote user access is via web servers. To provide mainly read-only access to data. Thus severely limting the damage that can be done by those users.

We also have exceptional remote-support and remote-install capabilities. For the remote-install aspect, we've easily done a full install on a bare machine 1200 km away. Operating system and applications.
Disadvantages of Other Systems
Remote users typically access those via RDP or 'Enterprise-grade' VPN, and those technologies continue to have serious safety issues.

They also make it easy for infected home computers to push malware onto the company's internal networks.
Related Malware
Criminals have wasted no time in attempting to exploit the COVID-19 disruptions. Including via registering several thousand related domain names.

We expect that much of their new stuff will also phish for remote-access credentials. When successful in that (with MS Windows systems) then getting increased privileges and moving laterally and exfiltrating sensitive data and/or downloading and installing malware (e.g. ransomware), and more.

June 2020 : Credible reports say that recently a large number of (MS-Windows-using) buinesses have been hit by ransomware infections via unsafe remote access to their internal networks.
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