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COVID-19 Aspects
Relevance of COVID-19 to IT Systems
  • Limiting or delaying the spread of COVID-19 essentially involves keeping the infected and the potential victims dispersed.

  • Organisations typically are operating with the safe minimum set of on-site workers, and the rest dispersed.
Advantages of Using IOPEN-produced Systems
  • Our systems can handle both local and dispersed workers and processes.

  • As far as possible, remote user access is via web servers. To provide mainly read-only access to data. Thus severely limting the damage that can be done by those users.

  • We also have exceptional remote-support and remote-install capabilities. For the remote-install aspect, we've easily done a full install on a bare machine 1200 km away. Operating system and applications.
Disadvantages of Other Systems
  • Remote users typically access those via RDP or 'Enterprise-grade' VPN, and those technologies continue to have serious safety issues.

  • They also make it easy for infected home computers to push malware onto the company's internal networks.
Related Malware
  • Criminals have wasted no time in attempting to exploit the COVID-19 disruptions. Including via registering several thousand related domain names.

  • We expect that much of their new stuff will also phish for remote-access credentials. When successful in that (with MS Windows systems) then getting increased privileges and moving laterally and exfiltrating sensitive data and/or downloading and installing malware (e.g. ransomware), and more.

  • June 2020 : Credible reports say that a large number of (MS-Windows-using) buinesses have been hit by ransomware infections via unsafe remote access to their internal networks.
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