Your business strategy execution works best when distractions are minimised.

But as you know, the epidemic of IT malware is distracting a lot of businesses, usually with serious bottom-line consequences. Fatal in many cases. And with continuing COVID-19 distractions added to the mix.

Our systems can deliver a huge amount of performance-related data which can help to improve your strategy.

They're also explicitly designed to keep functioning regardless of any problems that occur in the rest of your IT systems. Technical information is here.


Think of your IT systems as business-enablers rather than as cost-centres to be minimised. And so make them adequately funded.

And if you have a Disaster Recovery Plan, how are you going to access and execute it after malware has disabled your proprietary IT systems?

Learn from the 2017 Maersk Malware Disaster

USD 300 million estimated cost, and "within 7 minutes most of the damage was done".

We imagine you'd want to have a specific strategy to help avoid that sort of thing. More here.