Malware-Disrupting File Sharer
Business Benefits

You retain control of your data.

No reliance on anti-virus software.

Safer and more reliable than The Cloud.

Straightforward Windows Domain integration.

Automated monitoring, reporting, and alerting.

Neutralises file encryption and leakage and more.

Exceptional remote support, using quadruply-secured (4FA) access.

Remote support delivered from dedicated non-Windows computers.


Nobody else seems to be able to reliably neutralise malware actions so you're sceptical that our File Sharer can

Our system is non-Windows, so we don't have to contend with the "high Windows background noise level" or the "malware interference risk".

Consequently we have an excellent Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) when looking for signs of malware 'playing' with the shared files.

Millions At Stake

Based on the sizes of ransom payments being made by victims, this system can save some adoptees millions of dollars.

Because evidence shows that for business users of MS-Windows the question is when, not if, a major system breach will occur.

In early July 2021 alone, Windows business systems were at serious risk from the Kaseya-VSA breach and the PrintNightmare print-spooler flaw.

Further Details

Raising the cost of attacks is desirable, so to avoid giving potential attackers more clues free you'll need to request further details.