Green-ness Factors
Principles and Benefits

We like visiting client sites to see the situation first-hand, and to see how our systems are performing, and possibly to do upgrading or problem solving.

But in this era the environmental costs and pandemic risks outweigh the benefits to both you and us. So we minimise the travel of both people and system components.

You benefit from faster service and lower costs. Hardware either comes from your usual supplier or gets shipped to you directly from our supplier, and your local technical experts position it and connect it. We then remotely install software and get the system running.

Another benefit to you is that your locals build up expertise concerning the systems, and thus may be able to fix some problems themselves.
Benefits and Advantages of IOPEN Systems

For over 15 years we've been safely remotely installing and upgrading software, and solving problems.

Now we can remotely install operating systems on 'bare' computers wherever there's at least a moderately fast Internet connection.

We can also remotely diagnose, and often fix, storage-device problems. Even when the machine won't boot from such a device.

We also make extensive use of Virtual Machines, which can greatly increase business-resilience.
Costs and Disadvantages of Other Systems

Other suppliers typically can't remotely install their system on 'bare' computers.

IT system downtime is very expensive for your business, but many others make you wait for their people to arrive.

Others also typically can't remotely diagnose or fix computers that won't boot from the normal storage device.

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