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Open Standards
The Internet, especially its World Wide Web (WWW) aspect, has been able to flourish solely because of the use of Open Standards.

Information gets presented in forms that anyone can use, without having to use a particular vendor's software.

Various commercial entities (especially Microsoft) have tried to 'own' the Internet via proprietary schemes, and fortunately virtually all such attempts have failed.
We care about Open Standards, for sound business reasons, and so should your business.

Open Standards give you a wider choice of technologies and ensure that your data will be accessible later, without requiring vendor cooperation.

For a long time it's been feasible to run virtually all businesses using only Open-Standards-based technology.

So don't let suppliers lock you into proprietary data processing systems.

And wherever feasible get important data exported from proprietary systems while you still can.

An excellent source of related information is OASIS.
Cloud Risk
A recently-arrived serious risk to your data is "Software as a Service" (SaaS), otherwise known as "being Cloud-based". With which your data resides on computers owned and controlled by others and which you can't directly access.

Your access to your data can be turned off in an instant. By accident or by design.
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