Malware-Defeating File Sharer
Old Saying : "An ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure."
Malware : Predator with Teeth and Claws

Malware's teeth wreck your data and its claws shred your profits.

So if you don't pay for good security you'll pay much more for not having it.

Especially true with Windows malware, and anti-virus software being so easy to fool, and the amount of cleaning-up needed following a malware invasion.

MDFS Business Benefits

1: Sleep well, knowing your critical data is safe.

2: Defeats file encryption and file exfiltration and more.

3: Uses mainstream technology and has long-term viability.

4: Vastly more effective than insurance.

5: Safer and more reliable and economical than "The Cloud".

6: Simple administration of users and shares using a web browser.

7: Unlimited users, and no Client Access Licences to buy and keep track of.

( Actually, there is no "Cloud". Just computers owned and controlled by others. )

MDFS Technical Benefits

1: MS-Windows compatible File Sharer that does not itself use Windows.

2: Uses an very powerful and flexible access-control mechanism: SELinux.

3: No reliance on anti-virus software.

4: Automated monitoring, reporting, and alerting.

5: Straightforward Windows Domain integration, where needed.

6: Secure off-site backup is available : Overview and Options.

7: Remote support delivered from non-Windows computers and using
quadruply-secured (4FA) access.

8: Provided as an Enterprise Linux Virtual Machine, run by an EL Hypervisor.

9: Hypervisor can run additional VMs, subject to server hardware capacity.

Millions Of $ At Stake

MDFS will save some adoptees millions of dollars, and in some cases save the business itself. Because copious evidence [1] [2] [3] shows that for business users of MS-Windows the question is when, not if, a major system breach will occur.


You're sceptical that MDFS can do what nobody else seems able reliably to do.

MDFS is non-Windows so we don't have to contend with the "Windows high background-noise level". Consequently we have an excellent Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) when looking for signs of workstation malware 'playing' with the shared files.

Its own robustness in greatly enhanced both by SELinux and being immune to Windows malware.

Note that MS-Windows doesn't have any mechanism that's even close to SELinux's capabilities.

Further Details

Raising the cost of attacks is desirable, so to avoid giving potential attackers more clues here you'll need to request further details.