We design, implement, and deploy open-standards systems to enhance your business.
Productivity gains from maximising the benefits of your data

The more data that's collected, and preserved, the greater the analysis and reporting possibilities.

With the use of 'open' data formats greatly improving the benefits.

Providing better insights into what's really going on, and the indentification of inefficiencies and anomalies.


'Keep It Simple' is the basis for our application software and data structures.

So our preferred language is Python. And for web frameworks, Python-based ones such as Django and Zope.

But we can also handle Javascript, Pascal, C, Java and Perl.


For servers we require safety, reliability, openness, speed, efficiency, and straightforward friendly licence terms.

So currently we use, and supply systems using, CentOS 8 Linux. With many defences enabled, and wherever possible running as a Virtual Machine.

Anecdote : In February 2017 we retired a CentOS 5 server that since February 2011 had been directly connected to the Internet. It had easily delivered what was required, and survived everything that was thrown at it, which was a lot.

Local is the new Global

We do our consulting, development, implementation and much of our deployment from Christchurch, New Zealand.

Dealing with clients throughout the world, particularly in the United States and Europe. Distance is not a concern.

And our capacity is effectively unlimited, since we have access to other extremely talented designers, programmers and consultants.

IOPEN Technologies Ltd is directed by Brian Chatterton and Richard Waid.

Brian has been involved in a wide range of industrial and commercial IT projects involving data collection, reporting, process monitoring and supervisory control. Plus a variety of web applications with database backends.

Richard's expertise is in Internet security and networking, data analysis, web application architecture (including scalable deployment), and technical consulting.

Open Standards and Open Data and Software

We care about Open Standards and so should your business.

Open Standards give you a wider choice of technologies and ensure that your data will be accessible later, without requiring vendor cooperation.

For a considerable time it's been feasible to run virtually all businesses using only Open-Standards-based technology.

So don't let suppliers lock you into proprietary data processing systems.

And wherever feasible get important data exported from proprietary systems while you still can.
Open Industrial Data Processing

We have created Indo (Industrial Objects), the strategic truly-modern 'open' Industrial Data Processing system.

The powerful, simple, and fast system with exceptional data availability, usability, unification, and safety.

How much better do you want your plant to run?

Our Indo secure website provides information and system live demonstrations for processing plant operators.

Start now by requesting Indo website access : Click here for Access Request

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