A Brighter IT Future
Greater Safety, Efficiency, Profitability


NEW : Malware-Defeating File Sharer that's MS-Windows compatible but does not itself use MS-Windows.

Sleep well, knowing your critical business data is safe.

"If you don't pay for good security you'll pay more for not having it."

Can be securely deployed and supported world-wide.
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Conducting The Orchestra

Unbeatable agility and flexibility via a powerful combination of automation, cooperation, and sub-contracting.

Which enables us, and our trustworthy associates, to provide system installation and support to organisations from small to large world-wide. Systems supported and upgraded indefinitely.
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Adopting our systems, or fully equivalent ones, gets you exceptional protection for your business operations and data, and great interoperability with MS-Windows and Apple systems.

We provide servers and a wide range of data processing systems, and all have natural immunity to Windows malware.


We cover the business IT spectrum from commercial to industrial.

All the systems and software that we supply use mainstream technology. For servers it's the safest variant of the most popular Internet server platform (Linux), to which we add situation-appropriate safety-boosting mechanisms.

Other users of the platform include Google, IKEA, IBM, CERN, and Amazon.

The variant is the safest because it's an Enterprise Linux that uses Mandatory Access Control (MAC).


We provide consultancy services related to designing, deploying, upgrading, and hardening business IT systems.

Collectively we have a wide range of expertise and experience. [1]

Benefit by telling us now what improvements you think you need.


We can easily engage a salesperson to sell systems to you.

But that significantly increases the price you'll pay, with no increase in benefit to you.

So you'll be better served by contacting us directly.

Another benefit of that approach is that any technical questions you have can be answered directly.

With a salesperson involved we've seen many cases of important detail being lost, and detail matters in IT systems.

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