Productivity Enhancing and Protecting IT Systems
Fast + Efficient + Reliable + Scalable + Secure + Immune
Let us raise your data out of the malware-infested abyss and
supercharge it in a safe haven.
Featured Product : MDFS
Our innovative PEP Malware-Defeating File Sharer is compatible with MS-Windows, but does not use MS-Windows itself and is thus immune to Windows malware. A safe haven for your business data, and is very simple to configure to your requirements, and can be paired with our secure backup system. Obviously the best time to upgrade your defences is before you get invaded, so we strongly recommend that you read more now
We provide commercial and industrial IT systems based on mainstream technology. Including one which is already solving one IDP (Industrial Data Processing) problem. Our innovative expert approach makes it capable of a wide range of IDP, and puts it far ahead of the competition. Collectively, our people and our associates have been involved in a vast range of industrial and commercial data-handling projects and we all look forward to providing you with an exceptional system.
Conducting The Orchestra
We use a powerful combination of automation, cooperation, sub-contracting, superb technology, and innovative software. Which enables us and our associates to provide system installation and support to organisations from small to large, and world-wide. Read more
Exceptional performance and protection for your business operations and data, and great interoperability with MS-Windows and Apple systems. We provide servers and a wide range of data processing systems, and all have natural immunity to MS-Windows malware.
Virtual Machines
We provide our PC-based products as VMs because of the business-resilience that they make possible. For safety and reliability we insist that they be run by a Hypervisor based on certain Enterprise Linux variants - which we can provide when necessary.
Buying Our Systems
You can deal with us directly, or we can get a salesperson to contact you - which will obviously significantly increase the price you'll pay. A benefit of dealing direct is that any technical questions you have can be answered directly. Either way, please start by contacting us.
We also provide consultancy services related to designing, deploying, upgrading, and hardening business IT systems. Collectively we have a wide range of expertise and experience. E.g. [1] Benefit by telling us now what improvements you think you need.

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