Our Pool is Deep and Wide

In addition to the examples below and other IOPEN projects not shown, we have vast knowledge and experience gained via numerous industrial and commercial projects earlier with other companies.

E.g. One of us produced an exceptionally-efficient asset-recording system for the NZ Parliamentary Service. A major benefit of which was keeping departing MPs honest regarding what they took away with them.

Monitoring and Control

This screenshot of our Water Flow Manager's graphing facility is representative of a large group of IDP (Industrial Data Processing) applications.

If you need something monitored or controlled, either locally or remotely, we have both the technology and the expertise to do it exceptionally well.

This application area is generally referred-to as SCADA - Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition.

Please contact us if your business needs exceptional Monitoring and Control.

We also have a dedicated IDP / SCADA website.

Voice over IP

We have a VoIP PBX that we and our associates use for internal conversations, and it uses one of our several VPNs, which makes the conversations totally private.

It also makes it possible for us to call (or be called) via an Internet connection anywhere in the world, without incurring cellular or toll-call charges.

The phones themselves can be either physical desktop ones or software ones such as Linphone.

Please contact us if you need a similar system for your business.

Wireless Infrastructure

We have designed and provided wireless backup and wireless Internet access solutions spanning many kilometres, and have delivered wireless networking to conferences of hundreds.

E.g. We were the technical design consultant for a multi-relay 5.8 GHz wireless link to provide fast Internet access to the residents of an isolated NZ South Island valley. No surprise that it worked first-time.

Details of the wireless link shown are here.

For one 200 metre WiFi link there wasn't direct RLOS (radio line-of-sight) but a metal roof near the midpont worked more than well-enough as a reflector.

Please contact us if you need expertly-created Wireless Infrastructure.

Our Electro-Magnetic Radiation (EMR) related knowledge and expertise are rivalled by few (if any) in the wireless-networking field.


GroupServer is an open source web-based mailing list manager, that has been used to implement sites such as. e-democracy.org, and OnlineGroups.Net.

On the hosted sites, GroupServer delivers over 2 million emails per month, and more than 50GB of web traffic.