Hypervisor & Virtual Machines


Raspberry Pi model 3B


If you already have suitable hardware we can simply install software on it.

If not, and your usual supplier can supply something suitable, then the optimum approach is for you to obtain the hardware from them and for them to support it via your normal support agreement.

Otherwise, we can source suitable hardware, and for efficiency get it shipped directly to you.

Where appropriate, the hardware could be a low power SBC (single board computer). Of which the Raspberry Pi is the best known example. Over 20 million RPi are being used in industrial and commercial applications.

Operating System Install

We routinely do maintenance on remote computers via the Internet, and we can also do Operating System installs on 'bare' computers remotely.

The COVID-19 saga is nowhere near finished, and us not needing to visit your site(s) is not only more efficient but also protects both you and us. No doubt you have local expertise that can install and connect hardware when required.

Install On Existing Hypervisor

With a hypervisor that's remotely accessible by us we do this remotely ourselves.

We supply a Virtual Machine image and it gets run by the existing hypervisor.

When such a VM is run it typically sets up an authenticated encrypted connection to our VPN server, via which we provide support and do maintenance.

Install On Bare Hardware

We supply a bootable software image, which when booted sets up an authenticated secure tunnel to our VPN server, via which we do the install.

That image needs to be copied onto a USB storage device. If you're not able to do that copying, then we can send a ready-to-boot storage device to you.

On PC-type hardware the initial install will be of a Type 1 Hypervisor. Once that's running we can remotely install VM images as required.