Our PC-hardware-using systems are based on Enterprise Linux, and Linux and its Unix relatives are legendary for the level of process automation achievable.

We have expended time and expertise to take the automation of system production and installation on remote computers to a much higher level. The benefit to you (users and distributors) is the greatly reduced risk of something important being omitted.

Further benefits for you will come from the online system-specifying website that we're developing.

Both our own systems and those that we sell have automatic monitoring, reporting, and alerting.


Our Projects Group currently contains 2 companies. We will expand the group if and when significant persistent business advantages will occur.

However, we will keep the group relatively small to retain our agility and to keep our core's ability and expertise levels exceptional.

With the right companies involved the benefits for you are far in excess of what's achievable from a single company of equivalent size.


We prefer to concentrate on producing exceptional software, but we also do significant amounts of system support.

When necessary or appropriate, we sub-contact support services to others that we know and trust.

We know a sizeable number of competent like-minded organisations and people in various countries.

Small to Large World-Wide

We do separation of hardware supply and software supply.

A client's usual supplier provdes and installs suitable hardware. The contacts we have in various countries can assist if necessary and appropriate.

Then we, and/or our sub-contractors, install the software via the Internet and verify correct operation. We are capable of remotely working up from a bare PC hardware system.

Our systems can span the range from tiny SBCs (single board computers) to distributed multi-server clusters.

Thus we can scale our operations to match the situation without needing to mantain remote Offices (or Satellite Offices) that clients effectively pay for.